How to Remove Bad Car Odours

Car Bad OdoursCar interiors can smell a bit funky at times. Things like stale air, moisture, odours emitted from the materials used inside the car, cigarette smoke etc. can all cause nasty, sticky smells inside the car. Bad odours coming from the car ventilation or air conditioner are somewhat harder to remove, but in this case a little bit goes a long way.

The materials you need for this task are:

-brush, vacuum cleaner, deodorising spray, paper towels, car freshener;

Step 1 – Cleaning out the car

Eradicate all sources of bad odours inside the car. Clean everything from top to bottom. Don’t skip any hard to reach spots as there may be bits and pieces of old food which also cause nasty smells. Clean out the coin holder, the ashtray, the glove box as well as any other storage compartments you have (including refrigerated ones). Clean thoroughly any stains on dashboards, floor etc. Paper scraps must be removed from the car too as they emit a stuffy odour when moist or wet.

Step 2 – Cleaning the actual interior

Brush large bits and pieces of rubbish and leftovers off seat covers, seats, dashboard, floor mats etc. Throw out all the garbage and move onto detailed vacuuming of all nooks and crannies. The more thorough you are the better. Sometimes chips, chewing gum, nuts and all sorts of smelly garbage are found in the most unusual of spots. Air out the car after you are done vacuuming.

Step 3 – Cleaning out the AC

Car Bad OdoursThe air conditioner vents or air vents usually accumulate some nasty smells. These are caused by a number of things, including worn air filters of the air conditioner. Open up the car’s bonnet and turn on the engine. Set the air conditioner or fans to full power and open up all vents for full ventilation. You may have a ‘fresh air’ button on your vehicle, if so press it and set the fans on full power.

Step 4 – Freshening up the AC (optional)

If you know your way around your vehicle’s engine bay, you will likely be able to locate the air conditioning cowl. The cowl vent in most vehicles is located on the passenger side, right under the windscreen. Remember it may be different on your car. Provided you found the cowl vent, spray some deodorant directly into it. Don’t overspray as it takes a couple of minutes for the deodorant to be fully circulated through the air condition system. Repeat the process again after five or so minutes if necessary.

How to Remove Bad Odours

Bad OdoursPoor indoor ventilation, frequent use of the kitchen and a bunch of other things can be causes of nasty odours inside the house. Most unpleasant smells tend to linger and seep into fabrics and some materials, which mean they need to be eradicated as soon as possible.

There are different ways to banish bad smells from your home but chances are you would like to do it without using any chemicals or artificial deodorants. If so, here are some easy, low cost ways to make it happen.

The Match Method

-get some matches and a small bowl full of water; light a match and let it burn for about ten seconds; dip the match in the water bowl and put it out;

The bad smell inside the room should be gone, if you can still sense the unpleasant odour repeat the process another two or three times.

The Citrus Method

-obtain orange, lemon, grapefruit or lime peels; peels need to be fresh and juicy; simmer the citrus peels on low heat for as long as needed; leave a window or door ajar and place the peels in an exposed area of the kitchen;

Citrus essential oils and aromas do actually get rid of bad smells, instead of just covering them.

The Spice Method

Bad Odours-obtain allspice, cinnamon, cloves or any other strong flavoured spice you like; ground spices very lightly – don’t crush them; simmer on low heat for as long as needed; add more water if necessary; leave a window or a door ajar and place the still simmering spices in a well-ventilated area of the room;

This is an alternative to the citrus method explained above, both work just as good.

The Vanilla Method

-obtain one or two vanilla pods; preferably not very dry; cook the vanilla pod(s) on very low heat in the oven until you sense the room filling up with aroma; leave the vanilla pods in an area with good airflow;

Remember to use an ovenproof dish when cooking the vanilla pods.

The Candle Method

-scented candles are better at removing fish odours than other natural ingredients; light as many scented candles as you think necessary and let them burn out;

If you will be leaving the candles unattended, make sure to place them in the kitchen sink just in case.

Other deodorising methods are also available, though the five above are the simplest and most effective.

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